Search Engine Marketing
Services in Pakistan

Online advertising on Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram has several advantages:

  • You pay for each click Google that is made in the ad
  • The client decides his daily budget
  • Geographic and language segmentation
  • 100% measurable results
  1. Google Ads

It is necessary to create a campaign for each company that is consistent with its services and products. That is why in AyanExpress, we analyze and look for which one is the most appropriate. Search campaigns (ads in Google results) – Display campaigns (banners on web pages) or remarketing campaigns.

  1. Landing Page

When a user clicks on the ad, it is directed to a Landing Page. These improve performance, better optimizing the investment and getting better results. These Landings have a design according to each of their campaigns, looking for the best result for the client.

  1. Reports

We work with monthly reports where we show each of our clients the performance of each of their campaigns. The number of clicks on each of your ads, the average cost, the position of your ads and the queries from Google Ads.


  • Measurable Results You can know how many people saw your ads, how many clicked, what they did on your website, the profile of potential customers, etc.
  • There are no forced deadlines, you can hire from 1 month
  • Specific marketing plan for your business
  • New customers from day 1, with PPC advertising you start to get new customers from the first day of the campaign
  • Little budget? , no problem you can create a campaign

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