Beginning of Online Store Business
Simple Way to initiate a Online Store Business

We can provide you your store. This store remains on automated mode. An online business can generate money for you for a long time.


1. Select a package

Choose the packages which fulfills all your requirements.

2. Talk about your preferences

The expert manager will guide you. Through their unique advice.

3. No work for you all time

Your store is made by our team according to your needs.

4. Ownership of your store

Become the 100% owner of a online store business by doing nothing.

Choose your package
Everything else will be followed.



US $ 499

Add hosting – $52/year
(Free SSL Included)

One-time payment

You are provided all the essentials for creating an efficient online store business.


US $ 699

Add hosting – $52/year
(Free SSL Included)

One-time payment

Has some extra features and methods for promoting your business and increasing it rapidly.


US $ 1199

Add hosting – $52/year
(Free SSL Included)

One-time payment

Consists of everything that is required for setting up a perfect online business.

Online Store Business Packages

Below mentioned are the features provided by AyanExpress
which would help you in setting up a web store and earn great profit.

A private manager for each individual

Each individual on this platform will be provided with their own manger, who will be to solve all of your issues and will help you in setting up your own online store business on AyanExpress.

No work is required by the user

The user does not need to anything and our team of experts will establish your web store from start to finish and would be able to generate a great amount of profits in the future..

Spectacular design and layout

The designer’s that we have hired, give a very fresh and modern look to your web store and would also make the additions of images, logos and other types of graphics if required..

Hot favorite items

We would attach within your web store’s brochure with such products of Ali Express that High rated, sell out quickly and are provided by distributors, who are trustworthy and have received quite high ratings.

Through research of the product niche

Experts will study each nice and then select the one which is perfect for you. Also, the product chosen for you would be popular in the market and will be able to bring you great benefits.

Mobile responsive website

Due to the layout of AyanExpress, your web store looks quite brilliant on the display of your mobile phone and also the ranking of your content is increased on the search engines.

Lifelong assistance

When you purchase your own web store from AyanExpress then you would be provided with the best customer support staff, who would guide in every way possible and help you in increasing your profits..

You truly own your store

There are no rules and regulations for anyone and the user can shape their web store according to their preference and also you can sale your web store if you want to.

Our clients say

I am earning an estimated amount of $500 every 7 days even though I do not spend a good amount of time to properly manage my drop shipping venture. I am able to go on a holiday whenever I feel like going on one, I am able to get products from all of the worlds on my web store, I can choose the themes and style my web store according to my personal preference. I am able to make additions to every type of tool that I want to on my web store with the help of the great team of support staff that is provided by AyanExpress.
As of this moment, I am operating a drop shipping web store that has been providing my consumers with high-quality clothes and its related accessories for 3 years by now. It is true to quote that the credit of the huge success of my venture goes to AyanExpress services.
Managing 5 web stores of mine, which has been selling various products, such as mobile phone accessories, clothing items, furniture, and various other things, to my customers for a long time now. I tell the support staff of this company to design my web stores according to my preferences. As I am my own boss, I am able to take a break and whenever I feel like and go on a trip with my friends and family. Through this beneficial platform, I am able to make a great amount of money and provide a good lifestyle for my family..
I am managing four web stores of mine. These 4 web stores are able to generate around 60% percent of the total income that I am able to make. Right now I am thinking of launching up my own clothing brand with the help of the investment.

Some queries you could have

AyanExpress has no monthly fee or additional charges. Just pay one time according to your package.

You will be provided with a custom web store that would have an attractive design. You can publish your products here and sell them. Our expert support staff will help you at all times.

Your personal manager will setup the best payment method for you. You just need to register to us with personal detail.

Due to our marketing techniques, we would try our best in making you a fortune.

Some of our clients earn about $180,000/month! We cannot predict a certain amount, but the more attractive your product the more money you make.

Yes you can. Contact our support staff

Sure. We have abundant in demand categories for you. Our experts would guide you in choosing the one best for you

It depends upon package to package. It can take around 12 – 15 days for creating a online store business.

You can add as many products as you want to. Press the plugin provided to you and import them from AliExpress.

We don’t ask you for any personal documents in setting up your online store. In many countries, you can set up a web store without registration.

Excited to initiate your custom
Online Store Business today?