Best Social Media Optimization
Services in Pakistan

This is where we come in. We have worked with the likes of the Daily Telegraph to use social media to generate traffic, loyalty and sales – as well as using it for best effect on AyanExpress itself.

It has already changed the way businesses engage and communicate with their customers, building loyalty, word-of-mouth recommendations and, most importantly, increased sales. So social media represents both a huge opportunity – but the unwary and unprepared can fall foul in a highly-visible way.

With all that in mind, we will:

  • Get to know you, research the competition and build a tailored social media strategy – utilizing an effective combination of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube and/or other networks.
  • Set you up on social networks and provide full training for you to manage these networks yourself
  • Provide social media monitoring and support, so that your organization is responding to, and engaging with, your customers
  • Advise, research and implement Facebook advertising campaigns


Today we can know anyplace from a device without going there physically. This is a new opportunity for the meeting between thousands of users and a wide range of products and services. If your business does not appear on this great world map, it does not exist for those thousands of users.


Content categorized in #hashtags, a ranking with the most talked about topics of the day, and the power of synthesis: twitter we are passionate about! Our key: generate specific content for this network, use creativity in each tweet to take advantage of trending topics, and increase followers.


In a dynamic universe designed to share with friends, we propose to communicate in the same spirit: speak in a friendly tone, entertain and at the same time provide fresh and current information about the products or services offered.


The largest professional network in the world: a key tool for exchanging information on topics of academic, institutional or specific interest of each item. We seek through design and creativity, to communicate an institutional message in an orderly and thorough manner.

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